Promoting STEM Education

I am the Co-PI on two NSF grants that seek to promote persistence and success in STEM fields among academically talented minority students in the Southern US.

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Advancing intergroup openness

During my postdoctoral fellowship in Israel, I worked with Eran Halperin and Tamar Saguy at the Interdisciplinary Center to develop small-scale interventions for reducing bias and promoting openness between Israelis and Palestinians, as well as the religious and secular Jews living in Israel. Work continues on these projects, as well as the application of similar interventions in the cultural context of race relations in the US.


A Theory of Intergroup Bias

I advance an evolutionary theory that posits that the presence of coalitional conflict throughout human evolutionary history has posed different adaptive challenges for men and women, given their distinct reproductive strategies. As a result, the underlying motivations for intergroup bias is argued to be sex-specific. Men stand to benefit from the establishment and maintenance of dominance over other groups. In contrast, because intergroup conflict affords opportunities for sexual attack by outgroup men, a key underlying motivation for intergroup bias among women may be the desire to avoid individuals perceived as a threat to reproductive choice. Many projects in the lab are devoted to testing the predictions of this theory.